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  • I like to call the Unique Rewards opportunity my own online piggyback! you start out small and build a nice BIG nest-egg just by clicking their advertisers ads or you can do any offer that will pay a much higher payout! this is an easy and fast way to earn some extra money!

    Sam Bateman
    Muskegon, MI

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    Fairfield, OH

  • This is the easiest way to earn some additional money for your needs!

    Ann Arbor, MI

  • Several days ago I received my first earned money at UniqueRewards and Advanced Membershhip status!!! IT'S CRAZY!!! :) The rewards are SO high now - just never seen such before! What it's all about? Just about that this website deserved such name - Unique Rewards!

    San Antonio, TX

  • I've earned $20 in several minutes completing free offers. Nice. I'm starting to think about a creation of a special portal just to refer new members! As UR pays $5.00 per active referral!

    Niceville, FL

  • Can anybody in a clear mind refuse an opportunity to earn some additional money?! Of course, NO! So here it is!

    Albuquerque, NM

  • Easy, useful, fast way to earn some money, win prizes or... go shopping! Yes, there are many great shopping offers, discounts and coupons special for members!

    Des Moines, IA

  • This is my favorite survey site. You have the most opportunities and the highest incentives.

    Paul Gross
    Lakeland, FL

  • I feel so much more a part of UniqueRewards! I enjoy being a member and helping you with your surveys.

    I started doing surveys because I am highly opinionated and with the surveys that I complete with you, I finally feel that someone will get some kind of 'good' from my opinions.

    Fort McCoy, FL

  • I really like doing surveys as it is a way for me to make a few extra dollars, and I like giving my opinion and seeing new products.

    Ontario, Canada

  • I am very impressed with the high level of customer service that you always seem to extend to your customers! Thank you!

    Charlottesville, VA

  • LOVE UniqueRewards, thanks for payment, & for all the tasks that have helped make it easier than other sites I use, too, for me to earn another check much quicker! You rock, for those who haven't joined yet, plz do so FREE now ...!!

    Lesley Patterson
    Reno, NV

  • I just want to thank you for the good work that you do, and also for being a legitimate and honest business. I know the time and effort that it takes, and I appreciate it. You are one of the few honest ones in this industry, and we need more like you.

    Dorothy, NJ

  • UniqueRewards is the best way to earn a few extra dollars. I have earned a great amount of money, and I always encourage people to sign up. I even added a link to Facebook. Give it a try, everyone! You will love it! Every cent adds up. Cash out and you get enough free money which everyone likes, I am sure. So, if you have not signed up do so now!

    Lisa Grant
    Lake Echo, NS Canada

  • I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of the big picture. I do appreciate you paying me all the time that I have been paid. I can't tell you how much it means to me! I am a family caregiver of my 87 year old Mother.

    Deborah DeSimone
    New York, NY

  • I love your site and am so glad you truly pay your members! It's nice to know there are still so good PTSU/PTR/PTC sites out there..was losing faith. I love your program..nice work!

    Josie Sweeney
    Munford, AL

  • I just wanted to say thank you for the quick payment! I'm gonna treat myself to some chinese food & pay a bill with the left over $100!! This is such an awesome website!!! I'm looking forward to my next $100!!!

    Dave Smith
    Springvale, ME

  • I want to say thank you so much! I got in my mail my first check. I went to Chase bank and I got my cash! This is real!!

    Lorrelaine Duran
    Yonkers, NY

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