They`re with us:

An Exclusive Offer for
Our Members!

UniqueRewards & YMEMJ have agreed to work together
on an opportunity benefiting all students

Do you need a bit of cash to keep you above water during school?

In school getting so hectic that you have no time to work a part-time job?

Or maybe your are doing fine school. Either way you put it, YMEMJ wants to help.

Cash out at UniqueRewards and earn $20 Bonus and a YMEMJ T-shirt

YMEMJ Rewards

Ok, I want this money, what should I do?

  • You must be in High School or University
  • Sign up for YMEMJ rewards for just $10 (Annual Fee)
  • Cash out at UniqueRewards
  • Notify YMEMJ at with proof of payment
  • Receive your $20 & YMEMJ Shirt

Don`t believe it?

This program is sponsored by Highscools & Universities. YMEMJ also accepts donations to keep your pockets full during school

Send a donation to ymemj